Portland are the UK’s recognised experts on all things fuel. Set up in 2009, Portland began as a specialised hedging provider; over twelve years on, we offer a wide range of services (for more information, refer to our group site), covering every aspect of the downstream fuel sector.

Portland Fuel Price Protection, our flagship service, offers a safeguard against changes in fuel price, providing budgetary certainty and removing your exposure to the market.

Volatility in the fuel market causes operational nightmares for commercial users of diesel, petrol, gasoil, fuel oil, LPG and Jet A1. Budgets become impossible to plan, the best prepared sales contracts are ruined and companies spend more time debating fuel costs than they do promoting their own business products and services.

Portland Fuel Price Protection safeguards against this via simple fuel hedging tools, that allow customers to budget effectively. Simple solutions are available to businesses of all sizes that not only keep a lid on fuel costs, but can also provide market advantages.

How does it work?

Portland’s office cat, Mog, explains all…

Our key fuel hedging products are as follows: